[sw-l] Work Offline mode in Firefox

Stephen Slevinski slevinski at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Jan 25 04:22:03 UTC 2005

Hi Tini,

Soon you will be able to use SignText to send emails.  Until that time, you
can try glossing - imperfect but fun.

Use the Translate icon in the SignPuddle to get a feel for how to use gloss.
Only signs that already exist in the dictionary can be used, so you may need
to add the signs before you continue.  Type in the names of signs (from the
dictionary) like a normal sentence.  Use punctuation (),.!? per usual.


ASL example:
Here is a test sentence.

Better ASL example:
Here better test sentence.

The words "is" and "a" are not needed when using gloss.

If a word does not exist in the dictionary, then finger-spelling is used.
(If the alphabet exists in the dictionary.)  The word Schenectady does not
exist in the ASL dictionary, so each letter will be shown seperately - S C H
E N E C T A D Y. Not all sign languages use finger-spelling, but this is
useful for languages that do.

The SignWriting is displayed horizontally by default.  Enter a value for
"Signs per column" if you want verticle writing.  Notice that the head is
not centered properly for either writing style (verticle and horizontal).
This is a known problem.  (SignText will not have this problem.)

After you have a feel for how to use gloss, select the SignMail icon in the
SignPuddle dictionary.  Enter the gloss in the "Gloss Text" field.  Fill in
the fields From, To, and Subject.  You can also add Comments if you like.
Enter a value for "Signs per column" if you want verticle writing.  DO NOT
check "Use online images" if you want to be able to view the email offline.
Press Preview to view online.  Once you are finished, press Send to send the

Please ask questions if you have any,

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Yes it worked Valerie, except after I turned the on line off I could not get
some of the  symbols back. I had to go on line again in order to get them to
return in the panel.
My next question is how do I write a poem for example in SW. and be able to
transfer it onto e-mail?
Sorry for being such a computer illiterate. If I take to much of your time
tell me O.K. !!!!!!Perhaps you can steer me to an other person. Mind you
everyone is so busy, but every little bit helps.
I will seriously try it again next week-end.

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> SignWriting List
> January 23, 2005
> Tini Pel wrote:
> > I went off line and I could not get  it to work anymore. Is there a
> > way to
> > work with it off line?
> Open Firefox, go under the FILE menu, and there should be a Work
> Offline command there. On the Mac, it is at the bottom of the pull down
> menu, under the FILE menu. It may be in a different place on the
> Windows version of Firefox...but I am sure the Work Offline command is
> there somewhere...Look under all the Menus until you find it...Then
> ....Bring your mouse down to the Work Offline command and then lift
> your finger off the mouse...then look again to see if there is a check
> mark next to the words Work Offline....if there is, then you have
> succeeded to choose to Work Offline in Firefox...smile...you can turn
> that off again, by repeating the same steps, and that will take the
> check mark off, so you can access the internet...Val ;-)

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