[sw-l] Work Offline mode in Firefox

Tini Pel tinipel at ONLINK.NET
Tue Jan 25 12:20:04 UTC 2005

Thank you so much Stephen. I will seriously try all this out during the
following week-end and I will let you know how I did.

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> Hi Tini,
> Soon you will be able to use SignText to send emails.  Until that time,
> can try glossing - imperfect but fun.
> Use the Translate icon in the SignPuddle to get a feel for how to use
> Only signs that already exist in the dictionary can be used, so you may
> to add the signs before you continue.  Type in the names of signs (from
> dictionary) like a normal sentence.  Use punctuation (),.!? per usual.
> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/sgn-US/translate.php
> ASL example:
> Here is a test sentence.
> Better ASL example:
> Here better test sentence.
> The words "is" and "a" are not needed when using gloss.
> If a word does not exist in the dictionary, then finger-spelling is used.
> (If the alphabet exists in the dictionary.)  The word Schenectady does not
> exist in the ASL dictionary, so each letter will be shown seperately - S C
> E N E C T A D Y. Not all sign languages use finger-spelling, but this is
> useful for languages that do.
> The SignWriting is displayed horizontally by default.  Enter a value for
> "Signs per column" if you want verticle writing.  Notice that the head is
> not centered properly for either writing style (verticle and horizontal).
> This is a known problem.  (SignText will not have this problem.)
> After you have a feel for how to use gloss, select the SignMail icon in
> SignPuddle dictionary.  Enter the gloss in the "Gloss Text" field.  Fill
> the fields From, To, and Subject.  You can also add Comments if you like.
> Enter a value for "Signs per column" if you want verticle writing.  DO NOT
> check "Use online images" if you want to be able to view the email
> Press Preview to view online.  Once you are finished, press Send to send
> email.
> Please ask questions if you have any,
> -Stephen
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> Yes it worked Valerie, except after I turned the on line off I could not
> some of the  symbols back. I had to go on line again in order to get them
> return in the panel.
> My next question is how do I write a poem for example in SW. and be able
> transfer it onto e-mail?
> Sorry for being such a computer illiterate. If I take to much of your time
> tell me O.K. !!!!!!Perhaps you can steer me to an other person. Mind you
> everyone is so busy, but every little bit helps.
> I will seriously try it again next week-end.
> Tini.
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> Subject: [sw-l] Work Offline mode in Firefox
> > SignWriting List
> > January 23, 2005
> >
> > Tini Pel wrote:
> > > I went off line and I could not get  it to work anymore. Is there a
> > > way to
> > > work with it off line?
> >
> > Open Firefox, go under the FILE menu, and there should be a Work
> > Offline command there. On the Mac, it is at the bottom of the pull down
> > menu, under the FILE menu. It may be in a different place on the
> > Windows version of Firefox...but I am sure the Work Offline command is
> > there somewhere...Look under all the Menus until you find it...Then
> > ....Bring your mouse down to the Work Offline command and then lift
> > your finger off the mouse...then look again to see if there is a check
> > mark next to the words Work Offline....if there is, then you have
> > succeeded to choose to Work Offline in Firefox...smile...you can turn
> > that off again, by repeating the same steps, and that will take the
> > check mark off, so you can access the internet...Val ;-)
> >
> >
> >

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