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Martin Novak sign at MARTANEK.COM
Tue Jan 25 07:53:42 UTC 2005

Thank for help.

This picture look like to be good. Problem is which orientation of hand to

Description of first sign CZECH
Hand have form of international finger alphabet B. Opisthenar of right hand
is to the right. Direction of finger is to body.
The end of fingers (without thumb) touch by right hand left side of chin.
Fingers without thumb move to the right side (hand not move), go along chin
to the right and stop on the right side of chin. Movement is repeated twice
(somebody it make by tree times movement).


On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 23:02:00 +0100, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote
> Ha Lucy - this is fun -
> compared to a sign written In SW it seems to be pretty dificult to describe
> a sign in words - we always forget about some parameters and two
> weeks later we can thro our notes about new signs into the bin -
> do you mean rubbing or brushing - i.e. does the right B - hand - palm
> touching the chin - right??) does it stay in contact like right -
>  left- right - left - how often ??? )
> Or is there more kiond of a doubbled brushing to the right but the hand
> looses contact with the skin of the chin  ?
> Look at my first suggestion - but without a movie or lifelike
> drawing - it is only a guess ;-))
> Are there any lifelike drawings in the internet posted about Czech -
> signs??
> Stefan ;-))
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> > Let's take the first sign for CZECH...You say it is near the
> > beard...What is the handshape that is near the chin? Please describe the
> > direction of the movement...We wait for your answer!
> >
> > Val ;-)
> >
> Let me help :-)
> The sign is like this: the "B"-shaped hand rubs the chin in one direction
> (right hand - right direction); the movement is rapid, short and repeated.
> Lucy

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