[sw-l] CZECH...First 2 signs...

Martin Novak sign at MARTANEK.COM
Tue Jan 25 11:43:23 UTC 2005

> Lucia:
> There is a video clip for Czech Republik -
> http://www.ticho.cz/videog.php?cvgtit=c8h. Look, in the right part
> of the webpage there is a list of words. Click 'Ceska Republika'. A
> boy is signing the first sign (Ceska = Czech). He repeats the sign
> three times, although, as Martin has said, it is usually repeated
> twice. Pay attention also to the B shape - the thumb is not bent.

Sorry, on the www.ticho are some mistakes:
First of all,there are signs typical for second part of Czech republic
Moravia not for the whole Czech republic. Sign Czech republic look like to be
correct, because its so much used sign. Some sign havenĀ“t regulation how many
must me repeated. Somebody use that double, one times, tree times. More signs
are on the CD.

> Lucia:
> Your explanation is very interesting. We the Poles use another sign
> for CZECH. We use the gesture for combing the hair. It is because
> 'to comb' means 'czesac' in Polish, and 'czesac' is similar to
> 'czeski' ('Czech').

Me: Its interest that sign czecki (in Poland) is from speaking language. Yes,
to comb is in czech language "cesat" (czesac), sounds are similar. Where you
use comb on the hand ? Are signs in Poland more from speaking language or are
iconic ?


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