[sw-l] CZECH...First 2 signs...

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Tue Jan 25 12:01:31 UTC 2005

 Its interest that sign czecki (in Poland) is from speaking language. Yes,
> to comb is in czech language "cesat" (czesac), sounds are similar. Where
> you
> use comb on the hand ? Are signs in Poland more from speaking language or
> are
> iconic ?

http://signbank.org/signpuddle/sgn-PL/latest.php?total=2 - look there, I
have created the SW sign for Czechy (Czech Republic). I didn't know how to
put the pic in the email.
I think it is an old sign for 'to comb', as now we have another sign for
this concept, different from 'Czech Republic'. Namely, the movement is the
same but instead of five fingers we use the index finger only :-).


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