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January 26, 2005

Kathleen in Flanders wrote:
> I think you will find our sign for 'possible' the same as Prague, I
> see now that it is the same. Look at Kristof 'mogelijk'. He makes the
> same movement as the lady (Petra) in 'Praag'. This doesn't seem right.
> http://gebaren.ugent.be/zoeken.php?
> zoektype=begint&zoekterm=mogelijk&vlaggen%5B%5D=
> -1&vlaggen%5B%5D=6&vlaggen%5B%5D=2&vlaggen%5B%5D=3&vlaggen%5B%5D=4&vlag
> gen%5B%5D=5&dialecten%5B1%5D=on&dialecten%5B5%5D=on&dialecten%5B3%5D=on
> &dialecten%5B2%5D=on&dialecten%5B4%5D=on

Hello Kathleen and Everyone -
You are right. I looked at the sign above and it is two movements, not
one. And it would be written like our ASL sign for POSSIBLE...and I
guess the Flemish sign too! Your video clips are so helpful!

Here is another version of the American sign for POSSIBLE with the head
movement showing agreement...saying YES...it is POSSIBLE!

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