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Stefan Wohrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
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Hi Charles and all,

I am not quite sure - do I understand your question?

The frustration about not being able to translate SW texts if I do no write
Mundbilder is a real problem. I use SW as a tool to support deaf children in
their efforts to learn German.

If we are not able to understand the meaning of a written document - it is
not useful. If we are able to understand the terms that a used, if we learn
how to express the same idea in German we experience satisfaction.

So it is not a question - not at all !!!!!!!  of speed - but a question of

According to your other question - if I understand that right - well all I
can tell is that in German Sign Language the mouthmovements are a very
important part.

(Well looking at the videos for Prag - there are other SL as well ... smile
... )

Stefan ;-))

[Stefan Wohrmann]

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  Query for you Stefan,

  On the issue of speed of reading, I can understand your student's
frustration.  On the issue of speed of writing, in comparison to spoken
languages, do you have a comparison in terms of "fresh utterance" as to how
quickly a student can take a sign, and quickly write it, if one must include
mouth movements at all stages.  Posture, facial expression, and speed are
all important, to some degree, I'm just thinking in terms of "long-term
writing process" how multiple heads attached to a single movement actually
speeds up the process of "writing" as opposed to "reading."

  Over centuries, readers of spoken utterances reduced to writing learned to
write the bare minimum necessary for reproduction of speech by orthography.

  I am curious if German Sign Language requires mouth movements, or if, like
  Cued Speech as opposed to ASL, they are a part of a Total Communication
system as opposed to a language not based on voice, but hands.

  A query.

  Charles Butler

  Stefan Wohrmann <stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE> wrote:
    Hi Valerie,

    Here is my spelling for the performance in the video - Sign for Prag -
    Without the mouth movements me and my students would not have any chance
to translate the sign - this caused in the past a lot of frustration on both
sides ( smile) -
    Since I add the Mundbilder - it is very often no problem as long as
these proper names are introduced ...

    Stefan ;-)

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      SignWriting List
      January 25, 2005

      Stefan Wohrmann wrote:

        and what is the mouth doing ??

        Stefan ;-)

      That is a good question ;-)

      Why don't you write the mouth movements for to the
Flemish Online Dictionary to view the video:

      Sign for Praag

      The first lady's mouth movements are quite obvious...;-)

      Val ;-)

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