[sw-l] BRUSSELS - Conference on Sign Writing & Sign Language Teaching

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 31 19:34:54 UTC 2005

Just a few days after the Maastrich conference sounds good - someone might
even want it just after.

As far as I know, the distance is not great. I'll be driving, in order to
bring my wheelchair along, and can take two passengers if need be.

Looking forward to meeting you.

There are some people, I believe, like Patric in Belfast, who are not on
this list, but ought to be alerted to the event. Could I suggest that if
anybody knows of anyone, they take the resposibily to give the alert? (And
invite those people to join the list, too ... )


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>SignWriting List
>January 30, 2005
>Shane from Sign Language Centre Belfast wrote:
>>Some of us are working on starting a small European conference in Brussels
>>this year - in July - to focus mainly on SignWriting and Sign Language
>>teaching - it has to be very small because we don’t have the money or the
>>resource - we want to see how this mini-conference goes first - and then
>>start to build on it. Will Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 July 2005 be good for
>>everyone? (with a social night on Fri 22nd July organized by our Belgian
>>friends). We know it's just a few days after the ICED conference - but
>>what do you think?
>Hello Shane and Everyone!
>How wonderful. SignWriting is spreading. And I hope there will still be a
>SignWriting meeting after the Maastricht Conference as well...I asked
>Stefan if he could teach a mini-workshop on SignWriting, working on
>SignSpellings, and he said "Of course!"...and maybe Ingvild could also
>share with everyone?...share with the group the Norwegian Sign Language
>projects using SignWriting?...Just a thought. I guess an agenda needs to be
>established, and a place to hold the meeting...
>So I have a question...How far away is Maastricht from Brussells? Can
>someone post a map to the SignWriting List, circling both cities? I cannot
>visualize the distances...
>Maybe you can also attend both, Shane? The SignWriting meeting in
>Maastricht is free...and then you all could make a pilgrimage to Brussels
>together - ha!
>Wish I could join you...I used to live in Europe, and I miss it a lot...I
>have not been in Europe since 1990...  Val ;-)

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