[sw-l] BRUSSELS - Conference on Sign Writing & Sign Language Teaching

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jan 30 22:10:10 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
January 30, 2005

Shane from Sign Language Centre Belfast wrote:
> Some of us are working on starting a small European conference in
> Brussels
> this year - in July - to focus mainly on SignWriting and Sign Language
> teaching - it has to be very small because we don’t have the money or
> the
> resource - we want to see how this mini-conference goes first - and
> then
> start to build on it. Will Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 July 2005 be good
> for everyone? (with a social night on Fri 22nd July organized by our
> Belgian friends). We know it's just a few days after the ICED
> conference - but what do you think?

Hello Shane and Everyone!
How wonderful. SignWriting is spreading. And I hope there will still be
a SignWriting meeting after the Maastricht Conference as well...I asked
Stefan if he could teach a mini-workshop on SignWriting, working on
SignSpellings, and he said "Of course!"...and maybe Ingvild could also
share with everyone?...share with the group the Norwegian Sign Language
projects using SignWriting?...Just a thought. I guess an agenda needs
to be established, and a place to hold the meeting...

So I have a question...How far away is Maastricht from Brussells? Can
someone post a map to the SignWriting List, circling both cities? I
cannot visualize the distances...

Maybe you can also attend both, Shane? The SignWriting meeting in
Maastricht is free...and then you all could make a pilgrimage to
Brussels together - ha!

Wish I could join you...I used to live in Europe, and I miss it a
lot...I have not been in Europe since 1990...  Val ;-)

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