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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jan 31 20:09:51 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
January 31, 2005

Lars Majewski wrote:
> My name is Lars Majewski.
> I'm a 24 year old hearing math student from Germany.
> And i run my own computer business in the south of Hamburg.
> Indeed i'm more doing my business than studying.
> I wrote a small program to display SignWriter Dos Dictionaries.
> It's still in an early stage and i'm looking for beta testers.
> You can find it here:
> http://signwriter.takdoc.de
> It's writen in python, so you need a framework to run it.
> You can find the links on my website. Please give me some feedback


Dear SW List Members, and Lars!
Welcome to the SignWriting List, Lars...It is great to have you on the
List now...

List Members...We need your help. Lars needs someone to test his work.
Can some of you try?

And this is really good news...There are now TWO different versions of
SignWriter under development...In Switzerland, Daniel Noelpp is
developing SignWriter Tiger, and in Germany, Lars Majewski is
developing SignWriter Python...

So someday we will have four versions of SignWriter:

SignWriter DOS
SignWriter Java
SignWriter Tiger
SignWriter Python

The term Tiger refers to a new version of the Java programming
language. Daniel Noelpp in Switzerland is working steadily and there
may be a beta test version of SignWriter Tiger this Spring...Thank you,
Daniel, for doing so much work on international keyboards, and old
symbolsets...and so forth...

And Lars is working with Python, another computer language. The Python
language is related to Modula 2, which Rich Gleaves, who programmed
SignWriter DOS, actually had a hand in developing years ago, with Apple
Corp. SignWriter was not originally designed for DOS. It was really
designed for a tiny little computer named the Apple //c in 1986, and it
was then later ported over to DOS...It is ironic, that Rich and I are
such strong Apple users, and yet our software ended up on DOS all these

So Daniel Noelpp and Lars Majewski are giving us a gift... bringing
SignWriter into the world of modern operating systems...The new
SignWriters will be able to be used in Windows XP, the Macintosh and

And while we are talking about new typing programs, Stephen Slevinski
is also working on a new program called SignType...which will be a way
to type the IMWA directly on the web someday...which cannot be done on
any of the current SignWriter projects...In time all these programs
could coordinate with each other...It looks like we will have a list of
programs to choose from in the future...

Val ;-)

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