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Stefan Wohrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Jan 31 20:37:29 UTC 2005

Hi all -

this message from Lars Majewski is a wonderful wonderful step forward for
those of us who are still working with the DOS dependent SignWriter 4.4

You may know that I am working with this SignWriter programm every day at
school. The major problem is that I cannot add any more signs into the

When I met Lars and understood that he is a genius softwareprogrammer I
talked to him that I am desperately seeking for a solution to this problem.

I feel so grateful that he started to rewrite a new Computerprogram which in
the end might become a tool that will allow me to use all my old .sgn files
. As far as I understood Lars is on his way to write a DOS independent
program that will use the
symbols of the SignWriter 4.4 - but in contrary there will be no limit for
dictionary entries ...

As far as I understood this beautiful dictionary browser -which Lars
mentioned in his message is already able to group several different
SignWriter DOS  .dic and .din files

Now you can browse through the list or even search for a specific entry!
This program is so easy to handle!

Hi Lars - you have done such a great job! Congrats!

Since today is the first day that I could work with it  I feel really very
very excited - and we will have to find out what kind of experience will
lead to what kind of updates.

Attached you find a screenshot of the program: On the left the window with
the entries - on the right the sign that is chosen - (in this screenshot it
is the namesign of Lars  ;-)  ) and below you find fields for search and
even export! This is very practical if it comes down to exchange quickly a
sign via email attachment ... as png format ...

Have a super day

Stefan ;-))

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Hello List !

My name is Lars Majewski.
I'm a 24 year old hearing math student from Germany.
And i run my own computer business in the south of Hamburg.
Indeed i'm more doing my business than studying.

I wrote a small program to display SignWriter Dos Dictionaries.
It's still in an early stage and i'm looking for beta testers.

You can find it here:

It's writen in python, so you need a framework to run it.
You can find the links on my website.

Please give me some feedback


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