[sw-l] SignWriter Dictionary Browser

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Mon Jan 31 20:45:45 UTC 2005

I tried it out on my Mac laptop ... it looks something like this:

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My German is quite rusty, but I was able to figure out that Suchen does
the search on the spoken language text. Export will let you export the
selected image in PNG format. I am not sure on Laden and Ende other
than an assumption it takes you to the beginning and end of the
dictionary list?

It seems like a helpful utility for grabbing signs from the DOS
dictionary. This should allow users of all operating systems to have
access to PNG's of all SW-DOS dictionaries. That should be helpful for
those who have invested a lot in their SW-DOS dictionaries over the
years. Cool deal, Lars!



On Jan 31, 2005, at 14:09, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 31, 2005
> Lars Majewski wrote:
>> My name is Lars Majewski.
>> I'm a 24 year old hearing math student from Germany.
>> And i run my own computer business in the south of Hamburg.
>> Indeed i'm more doing my business than studying.
>> I wrote a small program to display SignWriter Dos Dictionaries.
>> It's still in an early stage and i'm looking for beta testers.
>> You can find it here:
>> http://signwriter.takdoc.de
>> It's writen in python, so you need a framework to run it.
>> You can find the links on my website. Please give me some feedback
> --------------------------------
> Dear SW List Members, and Lars!
> Welcome to the SignWriting List, Lars...It is great to have you on the
> List now...
> List Members...We need your help. Lars needs someone to test his work.
> Can some of you try?
> And this is really good news...There are now TWO different versions of
> SignWriter under development...In Switzerland, Daniel Noelpp is
> developing SignWriter Tiger, and in Germany, Lars Majewski is
> developing SignWriter Python...
> So someday we will have four versions of SignWriter:
> SignWriter DOS
> SignWriter Java
> SignWriter Tiger
> SignWriter Python
> The term Tiger refers to a new version of the Java programming
> language. Daniel Noelpp in Switzerland is working steadily and there
> may be a beta test version of SignWriter Tiger this Spring...Thank
> you, Daniel, for doing so much work on international keyboards, and
> old symbolsets...and so forth...
> And Lars is working with Python, another computer language. The Python
> language is related to Modula 2, which Rich Gleaves, who programmed
> SignWriter DOS, actually had a hand in developing years ago, with
> Apple Corp. SignWriter was not originally designed for DOS. It was
> really designed for a tiny little computer named the Apple //c in
> 1986, and it was then later ported over to DOS...It is ironic, that
> Rich and I are such strong Apple users, and yet our software ended up
> on DOS all these years!
> So Daniel Noelpp and Lars Majewski are giving us a gift... bringing
> SignWriter into the world of modern operating systems...The new
> SignWriters will be able to be used in Windows XP, the Macintosh and
> Linux.
> And while we are talking about new typing programs, Stephen Slevinski
> is also working on a new program called SignType...which will be a way
> to type the IMWA directly on the web someday...which cannot be done on
> any of the current SignWriter projects...In time all these programs
> could coordinate with each other...It looks like we will have a list
> of programs to choose from in the future...
> Val ;-)

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