[sw-l] Re: AUSTRALIA Sign for Australia - black line etc

Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Thu Jun 2 03:51:40 UTC 2005

HI val, stefan and others!

Thank you for your many answers.

Stefan I sign Australia your way, up-down-forward, but if I want to
emphasize or other reason I also make a full circle with my hands before I
let go of my middle finger as I go down with my hand.... does that make

Lucina the black line it "the body" of the signer as seen from the top. 
Stefan I notice that you draw  the sign from the top? why that way? will
readers of the sign realise it is from the top? Later I will practice more.

so the way I show the sign is ok? I have the feeling I show my hands for a
start in a unnatural way. Like sideways in front of my chest. then I wasnt't
sure of the arrows.  The hands don't go diagonal-forward, but 90 degrees
from the chest, paralell from one another.

Nevermind, my first try! how do I delete signs?  I made two signs for
Australia, and want one to be removed.

next I will have another go at "how-are-you"! Then again I better practice
with just one handshape signs first....


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June 1, 2005
Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> thanks for this lesson -
Ha! It was not a lesson. I just wrote the sign that Antony showed us
on this web site:
Go there and search for the sign Australia. The sign on that video
does a circle, and then a flick down. I personally do not know the
sign. I was only trying to write what I saw on the video clip...I can
imagine there could be many ways to write the exact same sign...
> I looked at my dictionary - to compare my spelling -
I bet you have a different sign!
> I did not look at the video - so it might not go along with that -
> On the other hand I saw deaf people signing "Australia"  here in
> Germany
> with kind of up - forward - down movement -
>  I am curious - and anxious to improve my reading skills -
There is nothing to be anxious about. We have to make sure that we
are looking at the same sign first! So go to the web page above, and
look at their video...
> I interpret your spelling as if you do a "complete" circle movement
> first
> and afterwards move your hands down with flicking open the hand -
That is exactly what i saw on the video, but maybe you see the video
differently?...take a look and then write again...
> I think that this doubled information (flick - symbol) and
> presentation of
> the handshape in the final position is ok - but not necessary -
I don't know their sign...I was just writing what I thought I saw...
> Especially at school and for documents written for children I got
> used to
> our "rule" (smile) just write as few symbols as are really
> necessary...
> Attached you find a gif with variations on my spellings - do you
> agree with
> that too ?
If you sign it differently then I am sure you are writing it
correctly for the way you sign it! smile...
On the video he started with 8 handshapes parallel to the floor...
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