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I got it! Disregard my previous post. I clicked help, learned that I
needed to click on the SignSpellings, and once I did that, everything
happened just as you described.

And my entry came out in Japanese.  Does this mean that is is also
possible for the Japanese Sign Language section to have all the menus
written in Japanese as well? What would need to be done for this to


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Hi Steve,
SignPuddle 2.0 looks exciting! Unicode means we will be able to do our
work in Japanese, right?  That is excellent!!

I tried using the community dictionary. I opened SignMaker, made a sign,
and hit "add to dictionary". On the screen, all I saw was the sign I had
added, but there was no place to name it or add definitions, and no
special commands.

I thought perhaps this was because I hadn't logged in. I tried logging
in under my name and password for SignPuddle 1.0, but that didn't work.
How can I log in, and how can I add signs to the dictionary? I really
want to try adding a definition in Japanese to show the people I'm
working with.

Thanks for the great program, and for helping me get used to it.


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Hi Val,

The langauge list is ridiculously long.  Eventually, this list will be
dictionary specific.  So each dictionary can decide what langauges they
want to use.

When you looked at the signs you added, you should have noticed 2
columns of special commands.

The first column is for anyone: Customize, Search, and Copy.

The second column is for editors and sign owners.  Since you created the
sign, you own the sign and can use the editing commands: Edit, Spelling,
Labels, and Delete  These editing commands work directly on the existing

Edit - load the sign into SignMaker.
Spelling - open the sign spelling window so you can modify the spelling.
Labels - open the sign labels window for changing the labels text.

Since I'm an editor for the dictionary, I was able to modify your
English label for "twelve".

Val's Label:
12. twelve.

New Label:
 hidden text here

If you search for 12 and display the results in words, you will notice
that "12" and "twelve" each appear as unique items.  The original
English label, "12. twelve." would have appeared as one item.

Notice that " hidden text here" doesn't appear in the list because it
starts with a space.  This is a technique for hiding text, but still
making it searchable.  I will probably change this so that it is easier
to hide text from the words list.


Valerie Sutton wrote:

SignWriting List
May 27, 2005

Steve Slevinski wrote:

For now, when labeling a sign, only spoken langauges are available.
Unicode is supported, but I haven't tested it yet. The Labels field can
be used for terms, definitions or anything else.  Each phrase should
have it's own line in the labels field.  This allows you to have more
than one label per langauge per sign.

Is the SignPuddle Community dictionary a multi-lingual dictionary that
takes one sign, and then gives the definitions for that one sign, in
multiple spoken languages?

That is very exciting...

So how do you differentiate the individual gloss-word that you use to
find a sign, and the long phrase that might be associated with that

When I used the pull-down menu, to choose the spoken language I wanted
to use, the pull-down menu included spoken languages that are no longer
spoken...like Middle English (used in 1500s) and Ancient Greek
(smile)...which no one speaks today!

So can you eliminate the spoken languages that are not used any longer?
The pull-down menu is too long and I could not hold the mouse down that
long because my hand started to hurt...smile...

But generally this is a very interesting idea, because most signs are
used in different countries, but oftentimes have different
meanings...like the sign for COOK in ASL can mean TRANSLATE A
LANGUAGE.... in Danish Sign Language etc...

SignPuddle 1.0 will stay up and active on SignBank.org for as long as it
is used.

Wonderful! So we can continue to work as we are right now, plus we will
have these new features on SignPuddle.org....that is great!

many thanks for all this!

Val ;-)

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