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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jun 2 16:13:52 UTC 2005

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June 2, 2005

Ingvild Roald wrote:
> The full black line should be the shoulder line seen from 'behind'. If
> seen from the top, I thought there should be either a beak in the line
> (like there is for the handshapes), or a circle representing the
> head. Or
> am I wrong?

Hello Everyone, Ingvild, Lucyna, Antony and Stefan -
I didn't want to answer Lucyna's question about why Stefan placed a
line underneath all his signs in the attached example, because I
assumed Stefan would answer the question...but now I feel I should
step in...

Years ago, James Shepard-Kegl in Nicaragua, and Stefan in Germany,
started using a line underneath any sign that is a noun, or a proper
name. The reason? I believe it was because they are teaching Deaf
children and they needed a way to teach grammar to their students.
And since they were using SignWriter DOS and typing SignWriting from
left to right, the line was not confused with other punctuation or

I personally would never underline a sign like that, because I write
in vertical columns, and those lines could be misunderstood as the
Period, or end of sentence marking...And I agree, Ingvild, that it
could be confused with Shoulder lInes too...

So I actually did not like that line underneath to show nouns,
because I don't think, that in everyday documents we underline or
mark the parts in a sentence...that is more for the classroom...for
Deaf children...

So this is Stefan's diagram...it shows signs written for his Deaf
students, with underlining to show nouns...

Stefan - if I have misunderstood what you wanted, please forgive!

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