[sw-l] Re: AUSTRALIA Sign for Australia - black line etc

pennersw at YBB.NE.JP pennersw at YBB.NE.JP
Fri Jun 3 02:39:23 UTC 2005

My two cents:

> Valerie wrote: " I personally would never underline a sign
> like that,..." ... " So I actually did not like that line
> underneath to show nouns,
> because I don't think, that in everyday documents we underline or
> mark the parts in a sentence...that is more for the classroom...for
> Deaf children..."

Hmmm. Not coming down one way or the other for underlining or against
it, I do think we have something pretty close to that in English. We
capitalize proper nouns. That sets them apart as a special kind of word.
Since there is no way to "Capitalize" in SW, this might be one way to do
the job.

Perhaps a thin line for underlining wouldn't be confused with the


> I feel confused!
> Perhaps in my ears of a foreigner this is a pretty dramatic
> refusal - almost kind of devaluation
> Hm - ok - Somehow I feel a little bit sorry to practice a
> spelling-style that is so much against your attitude.
> But it works so wonderfully. And I guess not only within the
> field of deaf education ;-))

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