[sw-l] Re: AUSTRALIA Sign for Australia - black line etc

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jun 3 13:58:00 UTC 2005

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June 3, 2005

Antony Daamen wrote:
> Thanks for the explanation of the line. me just learning,  it  
> looked like it was taken from above.  The hands are palm-down,  
> etc .  However, what is the view here. as if I sign it, or I watch  
> a person signing it?

Hello Everyone, Stefan, and Antony -

Thanks for this question, Antony....When you read SignWriting, it is  
always from your own point of view (Expressive View). You are looking  
at your own hands while signing.

However, within the Expressive View, there are several ways to see  
your hands. You can see them from the Front View or the Top View,  
depending on the sign. And some signs have a mixture of views...

So let's read the first sign in Stefan's signs.

a. The starting 8-hands are parallel to the front wall. You are  
seeing the beginning hands from the Front View. They are parallel to  
your chest. They move forward. The ending hands are parallel to the  
floor in a 5 hand, so they are seen from the Top View...

Does this help, Antony? - Try to read the others on your own...you  
can see that each sign is slightly different...

Thank you for these excellent examples, Stefan!

I do not know the sign, so I have no idea which one would be best, so  
maybe all four spellings should be in our dictionaries?

Val ;-)

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