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Hi Steve- 


hopefully this color-option will be just an option and not a automatic


I personally enjoy reading simple black on  white documents. There has been
a time that newcomers with Powerpoint-presentations showed up with fireworks
and mystic transitions in order to impress the audience. I do not agree with
these people. I would like to concentrate on the message – and just as
Antony from Australia is pointing out – You are able to understand most of
the message from the context. 


If you prefer to open options for people to set a focus on punctuation or
rotation-movement from the wrist or whatever and allow them to attract the
attention to these symbols just by giving them a  different color – why not
? But for the purpose of writing your signed message in any given SL I do
not think that this is needed. 


Stefan ;-) 



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SignWriting List

June 3, 2005


Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

I'm back now and continuing.

Well, I think there may be several ways to mark proper names.

1. Lines according to Stefan W.

2. Coloring -- but only for educational purposes. Colors are used in writing
spoken languages for grammar purposes too. But it may be inconvenient in
everyday use, for example when writing a note with a pencil to somebody.

3. Fingerspelling - but I think it should be also "highlighted" in a way for
proper names. Maybe, with two "/" marks, used like quotation marks?

4. Spoken language alphabet transcription put in square brackets just after
the SW proper name sign, like [Lucyna]. (Translations in brackets are also
commonly used in spoken language writing).

5. Vertical line.




Hello Everyone -

Thank you for this excellent discussion. I just found out that Steve
Slevinski is planning to include, in the new SignPuddle 2.0, a way to
automatically colorize different parts of a sentence, and also a default
color for any sign that is a proper name...So for those who have computers,
color is an option...


And offcially, the underline is the official symbol for a proper name when
writing horizontally -


Many thanks!! And have a great day....


Val ;-)




Valerie Sutton

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