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Sun Jun 5 14:41:02 UTC 2005

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June 5, 2005

Good Morning Everyone!
I am joining you with my morning cup of coffee on a Sunday...It is
7:30 in the morning here in Califiornia! Wish I could give you all a
cup of coffee too!

I can see there are many opinions about the underlining and I will
document whatever all of you choose to do...Maybe this will be
discussed at the Symposium?

And yes, Kathleen and Sara, you are absolutely right that writing
Topic Markers and other important grammar elements is an important
part to understanding a document...Here in the US we write the Topic
Markers too. There is an article about it on the web:

Topic Markers in SignWriting

The article is written in ASL about Topic Markers, but if you click
on each column, it gives you an English translation of what is being

Val ;-)


Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
> I think the example where the name is underlined is confusing. I
> think my students will misunderstand it. They will think it's a
> punctuation mark.
> What about using 'topic', where the signers head is tilted back,
> and the eyebrows are pulled up. (example 2)
> -a topic is used to mark the subject of the conversation and to
> check if the other person knows anything about this subject.
> Of course this is not to be used for every pronoun, but a thing to
> consider ;)
> Greetings Kathleen

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