[sw-l] translatins the name of SignWriting

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Thu Jun 9 08:01:45 UTC 2005

> Hi Lucyna and everyone.
> I had the same problem as you. I also don't like czech translation of
> SingWriting - "znakové písmo" because it is not concrete term. So, I and
> everyone here also use "SignWriting" - because it is the name of this
> system.
> I'd like to ask you something too. How do you sign "SignWriting" in your
> language? (Lucyna - PJM :-) )
> At the begining we tried to use ASL sign, but it deminished soon because
> noone knew that sign, so i had to explain it anyway ... so this time I
> think most of us use "S+W" as "sign" for SignWriting, but I don't like it
> because it is not real sign etc.
> thanks
> Honza

I started to sign it in PJM with the PJM signs for SIGN (ZNAK) + WRITE
(PISAC) but I noticed I was not understood properly, so now I mostly use
signs for WRITE (PISAC) + SIGNING (MIGAC). But other Deaf use just the signs
for S + W like you.


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