[sw-l] translatins the name of SignWriting

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jun 9 15:29:07 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
June 9, 2005

> But there is another issue my professor has raised. Namely, all
> nouns, including foreign language nouns, are to inflect for case.
> And we have 7 grammar cases. So, for example the genitive for
> SignWriting would be SignWritingu, and the dative would be
> SignWritingowi! My professor says it looks macaronic!! But I don't
> care about that, the noun marketing inflects too! grin...Lucyna


Hello Lucyna and Everyone -
I think your decision to keep the name in English for now, is a wise
decision. It helps the rest of the world know what you are talking
about...but if later, the Deaf Community wants to translate into
Polish spoken language, you can always do that later...This decision
is "for now" and is not solid like stone!

And I know about your cases in your spoken language. And of course,
since SignWriting is an English word, it must look weird with your
cases attached after the English word...But isn't that true for other
foreign words that you use within the Polish spoken language? Surely
you must have other foregin words used daily. For example, how do you
say the name Microsoft in Polish spoken language? Do you translate
the word Microsoft? I doubt it. And I bet it seemed weird in the
beginning, but overtime you probably have gotten used to the word
Microsoft in Polish? And how do you say my last name...Sutton...in
Polish? You can't translate it, right? So your professor needs to see
the name SignWriting as proper name with no translation..at least for

Val ;-)

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