[sw-l] SW Dos Dictionary to SignPuddle?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jun 10 14:42:33 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
June 10, 2005

Hello Mark!
Just to reinforce what Steve said....Definitely keep using SignPuddle
1.0 and all of the signs that you create will be transferred over to
SignPuddle 2.0 later. And in the new SignPuddle 2.0, someday, Steve
has added a SignSpelling column, where users will be able to tell the
program what the sort-order for the symbols inside each sign should
be...Just like word-spellings, in English, establish the sort-order
for words in dictionaries...But no SignSpelling can be done for a
graphic...It can only be done with signs that have been created in
SignMaker in SignPuddle. The old SignWriter DOS signs come in as
graphics and will not be able to do the SignSpellings...so it is to
your advantage to re-do all the signs directly in SignPuddle...I am
still working on that job, for the ASL dictionary...we have a lot of
signs that are graphics and I am re-doing them one by
one...smile...Val ;-)


On Jun 10, 2005, at 8:24 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi Mark,

Please use SignPuddle 1.  You will be able to import sign spellings
from SignPuddle 1 into SignPuddle 2.
After you import the signs, you can easily add additional details
such as the symbol sort sequence for dictionary look-up.

pennersw at ybb.ne.jp wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for the info, and for your incredible program. We definitely
> don't want the graphic only option, since we are eagerly
> anticipating the use of the look-up feature in the future, and our Dos
> dictionary is not so huge that it will be a problem re-inputting it
> into
> SignPuddle. Will it be possible to transfer from SignPuddle 1 to
> SignPuddle 2? Or should we hold off on inputting until SP2 is ready?
> Mark
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>> Hi Mark,
>> SW Dos and SignPuddle use different symbol sets. SW Dos used
>> SSS-95. SignPuddle uses the latest version of the IMWA.
>> If you can find the way to create graphic files from a SW Dos
>> dictionary, I can load the signs into the dictionary as graphics
>> only. These signs can be used in the email and translation screen,
>> but graphics only will not work with SignMaker.
>> -Steve
>> Penner Mark wrote:
>>> Quick question--is there a way to get signs from our SW DOS
>> dictionary
>>> to SignPuddle without writing them all over again? In
>> reading through
>>> posts from last November, I thought I saw a way to do that with
>>> SignBank, but I've not found it on SignPuddle yet. Mark

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