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Hi Jerry and everyone, - 


good point – and second thought – 


it is not a matter of MovementWriting – to discuss different dialects of
signing and to vote for this or that sign – 


but I am confident that we can discuss any given sign in any given variation
in order to ask ourselves : Can I write what I see? 


Perhaps my perception may be wrong if I do not know the specifics of a given
SL – so I might neglect the “Mundbilder” for example. 


Perhaps somebody else concentrates on a different aspect of the performance


But in the end it is a question of being able to write down what we see –
and it should be possible to discuss some different spellings in order to
agree – yes these spellings are different, but show the same performance and
they follow the spelling rules that have been established so far .... 


So if you find several signs for Ethiopia it would be great to try to write
them down as SW-signs! Can you do that? 



Stefan ;-) 




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HI, Val,


It is highly unlikely that there is any one version of a sign that will look
right to everyone. WHY?? because of sign variations. Even as hearing people
have local dialects, Deaf people have local sign variations. In
mid-Missouri, for example, there are two signs for BROWN. I haven't searched
your sign puddle in full yet, but if you have several versions of the same
sign, it is possible that each version is right. (because each version is
right for the area it came from).

On the website             in the section
that shows indigenous signs for different countries, there are three signs
for Ethiopia.

Hope this helps,


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