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Thu Jun 23 07:35:26 UTC 2005

Dearest Val,

It was a great idea that you raised Ethiopians had American deaf teachers. You're right. As I have been informed by the Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf, there were some American Missionaries who taught Ethiopian Deaf just before fourty years. Then after some Finnish were here also. But most of the signs and symbols were taken from ASL. Because of this any ESL speaker can definitely communcate with the ASL speaker than the rest of Sign Language Users.

I have got them many of the signs similar to ASL. For instance-

Month                    Week

I have edited How do You do - Greetings.   The other thing I was thinking to sign write was ESL manual alphabet/ Finger Spelling. I have started to put the first finger sp. 'Ha' which is one among the thirty three consonants found in ESL.  The vowels are seven which is shown by moving the first alphabet in different directions seven times. With in the consonants there are homophones - the same pronounciation but different in form. For instance, 'Ha' has three homophones.


The very interesting thing is that the complexiety that each of the alphabets have- to put them in sign writing.  Thus what would you advise me in order to get available the signs which are not available in ASL sign writing to get them in ESL- Inventing, Taking the approximate ones or....?

With Lot of Thanks

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