[sw-l] ETHIOPIA New Signs!!

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jun 23 10:17:40 UTC 2005

Start with your manual alphabet and take the
handshapes one at a time.  A videoclip would make it
easier, but you may not have that available.

You are doing fine.

Charles Butler

--- eyasu tamene <eyasuh at YAHOO.COM> wrote:

> Dearest Val,
> It was a great idea that you raised Ethiopians had
> American deaf teachers. You're right. As I have been
> informed by the Ethiopian National Association of
> the Deaf, there were some American Missionaries who
> taught Ethiopian Deaf just before fourty years. Then
> after some Finnish were here also. But most of the
> signs and symbols were taken from ASL. Because of
> this any ESL speaker can definitely communcate with
> the ASL speaker than the rest of Sign Language
> Users.
> I have got them many of the signs similar to ASL.
> For instance-
> Month                    Week
> I have edited How do You do - Greetings.   The other
> thing I was thinking to sign write was ESL manual
> alphabet/ Finger Spelling. I have started to put the
> first finger sp. 'Ha' which is one among the thirty
> three consonants found in ESL.  The vowels are seven
> which is shown by moving the first alphabet in
> different directions seven times. With in the
> consonants there are homophones - the same
> pronounciation but different in form. For instance,
> 'Ha' has three homophones.
> 'Ha'
> The very interesting thing is that the complexiety
> that each of the alphabets have- to put them in sign
> writing.  Thus what would you advise me in order to
> get available the signs which are not available in
> ASL sign writing to get them in ESL- Inventing,
> Taking the approximate ones or....?
> With Lot of Thanks
> Eyasu
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