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Thu Jun 23 19:08:20 UTC 2005

Hi, Val,

Do you have a downloadable version of your Sign Maker program??  I
downloaded a copy of your Signwriting program, but it doesn't work to create  signs, it
works only to copy signs from the dictionary into a document.

I found one thing that does seem to work like your sign maker BUT, I don't
speak Spanish. it is your SW-Edit program. also, that SW program could use
more handshapes (unless I don't know how to get to them all). Could you ask the
programmer to translate the commands into English, or send me the translations
 in an E-mail so that I can work with the program???

Even though I am in college to learn interpreting, I do plan to learn what
signs you need in your puddle and contribute some whenever I can. BUT, it would
 be easier for me if I could work off-line then send my feeble efforts to the
 sign puddle.(only one phone line, and my wife likes to have access).

Also, how do you incorporate "mouth morphemes" (CHA,    PO,   PAH, etc.) into
your signwriting system??
All told(according to a videotape I have on the subject) there are 54 of
these morphemes and some of them require the tongue to move rapidly either
up&down   or  L&R  in order to get the proper  meaning.

Lastly, I have Internet explorer on my machine, BUT, I also have Firefox as
an alternate browser. Would this create a problem? I have noticed that when I
try to get onto your Sign Maker program to practice a little bit, I can't get

Any help would be appreciated.


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