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June 23, 2005

> Harmonalbert at AOL.COM wrote:
> Do you have a downloadable version of your Sign Maker program??  I
> downloaded a copy of your Signwriting program, but it doesn't work
> to create signs, it works only to copy signs from the dictionary
> into a document.

Val answers:

Hello Jerry!
If you go to our downloads page:

SignWriting Downloads

you will find a lot of programs! SignWriter DOS, Java, Tiger and
Python are all typing programs for complete documents typed in
SignWriting...SignBank is a dictionary database with the SymbolBank
database there too...SW Edit is not my program. It was developed in
Brazil...but you can download it from that web page....so there are
many to choose from!

SignMaker is a part of SignPuddle, and is a web-based program
developed by Steve Slevinski...So Steve?...If you have anything that
is downloadable I will be happy to link to it, in our downloads web

But Jerry, I believe at this time, SignMaker is only for the
web...And your description of the program above, in your question,
must be referring to SignBank? have you tried SignWriter? It is the
best for really typing SignWriting and is used all over the world...

> I found one thing that does seem to work like your sign maker BUT,
> I don't speak Spanish. it is your SW-Edit program. also, that SW
> program could use more handshapes (unless I don't know how to get
> to them all). Could you ask the programmer to translate the
> commands into English, or send me the translations in an E-mail so
> that I can work with the program???

SW Edit is in Portuguese, from Brazil. And it is not being further
developed, so there is no programmer to turn to. However, I believe
there is a way to switch to English in the program...I will check

> Even though I am in college to learn interpreting, I do plan to
> learn what signs you need in your puddle and contribute some
> whenever I can. BUT, it would be easier for me if I could work off-
> line then send my feeble efforts to the sign puddle.(only one phone
> line, and my wife likes to have access).

Right. SignPuddle really needs broadband. So if you ever get
broadband you will have a better experience.

> Also, how do you incorporate "mouth morphemes" (CHA,   PO,   PAH,
> etc.) into your signwriting system??
> All told(according to a videotape I have on the subject) there are
> 54 of these morphemes and some of them require the tongue to move
> rapidly either up&down   or  L&R  in order to get the proper meaning.

This is a different subject and I can answer that later today...

> Lastly, I have Internet explorer on my machine, BUT, I also have
> Firefox as an alternate browser. Would this create a problem? I
> have noticed that when I try to get onto your Sign Maker program to
> practice a little bit, I can't get on.

It is best that you use Firefox. It is faster and SignPuddle was
designed for Firefox...

Thanks for your interest and questions, Jerry!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at SignWriting.org

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