ETHIOPIA New Signs!!

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Sat Jun 25 14:39:11 UTC 2005

Dearest Val, 
What I mean by this symbol was 'GREETING'.  The hands with the fingers rest on the thumb go to the shoulders vertically (down-up) and goes down again. I am afraid I have got the sign exactely... happy to have your comments. I checked it that it is different from ASL.
The other new signs added are month, year, which are very much similar to ASL.  Perhaps the many borrowed signs that ESL has would make my task a little bit easier.... 
ESL manual alphabet- Let me get you some of the complex ones.
* the thumb catches both the index finger and the middle finger with the rest fingers remain open.
* the thumb and the index finger form the shape of 't' while the rest remain closed
*the thumb raises the middle finger while the index remains crossed with the thumb and the rest get closed.
Some of them look difficult for discription so I decided to get them using a camera.
With lots of thanks

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