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Sandy Fleming sandy at SCOTSTEXT.ORG
Mon Jun 27 09:03:26 UTC 2005

Hi Val!

No, this happens because Firefox support for SVG is incomplete - 
although it's on its way, as you can see from the results you got.

What you see should be very colourful and perfect! You would need to use 
IE with the Adobe SVG (or similar) plugin, as I explained:

1. Download the Adobe SVG viewer plugin from
2. Open Internet Explorer, Netscape or Mozilla browser (not Firefox)
3. Enter the URL of the SVG file to be viewed:
4. Note the remarkable high quality of the graphics  :)
5. Use your mouse right-click to get a context menu and play with some 
of the functionality.
6. If you're a programmer, read the source file to see how it was done.

To my mind, this is a really good way of doing high-quality Web graphics 
with SignWriting. The SignWriting comes under CSS stylesheet control, 
can be transformed using XSLT, could be animated, and the method can be 
adapted for use with such popular plugins as Macromedia Flash. I 
originally did this to explore the possibility of presenting better 
quality graphics on my bsltext website - I now know it can be done, it's 
just a matter of finding the time and money  :)


Valerie Sutton wrote:

>> On Jun 22, 2005, at 1:33 AM, Sandy Fleming wrote:
>> If you would like to see some simple SignWriting done as SVG, I've  
>> already done some. For example, my Easter card was done in SVG. It  
>> certainly makes for some magnificent graphics!
>> Here's my Easter card in British Sign Language: 
>> easter/happyeaster.svg
>> To view this, you need to download an SVG viewer such as the Adobe  
>> SVG viewer browser plugin. DO NOT try to use this with Firefox as  
>> there is a bug which will cause problems! Use it with Internet  
>> Explorer, NS or Mozilla for the moment.
>> To can download the Adobe SVG viewer plugin from http:// 
> --------------------------
> Hello Sandy!
> Thanks for this info. I was able to open SVG in Firefox on the Mac  
> with no trouble...
> Is this the way it looked on your computer? (see attached)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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