challenge for programmers

Sandy Fleming sandy at SCOTSTEXT.ORG
Mon Jun 27 13:23:58 UTC 2005

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> Yes. I agree with you. I love the SVG that I have seen in Flash. The  
> Mac world is very big on using Flash. Maybe that is what we need, or  
> something...The Mac is also big on good graphics, so I am sure there  
> is something I do not know about SVG that gave me a different  
> don't blame the machine - blame my lack of knowledge!

I'm beginning to think that we might possibly blame my programming now! 
Obviously since I don't have a Mac to test things on then I don't know 
exactly how they will turn out.

I'm wondering if perhaps for some reason the CSS stylesheet didn't work 
with your setup, because that's where I've defined all the colours. 
Though I don't see why the background shouldn't work. However, the 
backgoround photo and the colour definintions are pulled in from 
external files, and perhaps this is what's not working for you. Yet, 
these are governed by the server so it should just work!

I'll have a think about it!

As an aside, sometimes in the past people on the list have seemed to 
"favour" Unicode rather than SVG and so on. For example, I seem to 
remember a remark some months ago that "SVG is not the way forward".

I think this is missing the point. The Roman and other oral alphabets 
are created in various different ways on computers - Unicode, SVG, gifs 
and so on. I think it's important that SignWriting can also be done in 
all these ways. Unicode may be the most heavily used method, but all 
methods have their applications.


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