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Thu Oct 6 15:58:26 UTC 2005

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October 6, 2005

Hello Lucyna and Everyone -
Ok. So, if I understand it correctly from your explanation, in Polish  
Sign Language, whether the fist is a Tight Fist, as shown in this  
picture, is not that important to you? It is ok to write the left  
hand with the thumb showing?...That is fine. Because I am a foreigner  
to Polish Sign Language, I had no choice but to write the left hand  
with no thumb, because that is what the signer was doing in the video  
clip...(see attached)...

And if you prefer to write this sign seen from the side view that is  
fine too!

To explain what I wrote in this picture...Look at the two signs  
writtten to the left...The second one shows the left hand in a Tight  
Fist, and the right hand from the wrist moves back two times and  
touches the front surface of the left hand while it does the  
movement...The Surface Symbol means "the front surface of the other  

The first writing shows that the finger of the right hand is hiding  
behind the left hand (you cannot see all of the right finger), so I  
would assume that the movement is touching in front of the left hand...

But side view is fine!

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