FULLBODY Writing for Sports and Gesture

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Oct 6 20:17:27 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
October 6, 2005

Dear SignWriting List:
I have just started a new web site for writing sports movement...

Writing Sports Movement

It will include writing the movements of:

1. Skateboarding
2. Gymnastics
3. Ice Skating
4. Karate
5. Yoga

To write these sports, you need to know Full-Body Writing....which  
includes a stick figure on a five-lined staff. Full-Body writing is  
not just for sports, but can be used for writing gesture, dance and  
Sign Language theater.

SportsWriting involves the writing of props, such as skateboards, ice  
skates, parallel bars, balance beams etc...The writing of props can,  
at times, be useful for writing Sign Language theater too...

With IMWA 1.3, we will be able to write FullBody writing in  
SignPuddle on the web...So this work with SportsWriting is helping me  
develop the symbols for the IMWA 1.3...

This thread will be ongoing...smile...

There will be several ongoing threads now!

Val ;-)

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