tongue-between-teeth in ASL

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Sun Oct 9 03:34:57 UTC 2005

Hello everybody:
I need help in SignWriting an expression which is very typical for ASL ...
but for which I am not finding a symbol in Signmaker. Namely, that of
holding the tip of the tongue between one's teeth.
I need it for a poem which is the next to last piece in the ASL anthology
I'm compiling -- the poet uses this expression for the sign "obsess"
(which I have just added to ASL puddle; it is "obsess_2"), and also for
the sign "fascinate". I had to fudge by superimposing  two facial circles
-- one with the tongue sticking out, and the other one with bared teeth.
Is there a better way to do this?
And Val, welcome back to the List!
Kim from Boston

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