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October 13, 2005

Hello Kathleen and Everyone!
Great. Glad you asked. No, the writing in the sign for Limburg is not  
correct. And there are a lot of signs like that in the Flemish  
dictionaries online...both in SignPuddle and in the Flemish Online  
Dictionary. But we can clean this up quickly in SignPuddle at  
least... I will post a lesson on the Finger Movement Symbols  
tomorrow, October 14th...and show you how to write the signs that use  
that symbol...

Val ;-)

PS. I am so delighted to have this chance to share with you,  
Kathleen...I have wanted to tell you about this specific symbol for a  
long time, but we all got so busy with the Sympoisum and other  
things...so now is the time....Talk to you tomorrow... smile...;-))


On Oct 13, 2005, at 2:45 PM, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:

> Hello Val,
> I'm with you about the universe and arrow. No problem, I understand  
> much better now! It's very clear to me where to write them ;) I see  
> the difference between our signs and the ones you made. Thanks!
> For the    finger movement symbol in Mama. So this is all 5 fingers  
> moving at once and this is  one or two fingers moving twice? So  
> what is this than?
> This in incorrect (the first sign is '21' where 3 fingers contact  
> each other and the second is 'Limburg' -place in Flanders- where  
> the fingers moves two times)
> And this is correct (I hope)
>    And is there a rule for where to put the contactsymbol in  
> relation to the hands or ... ?
> Thank you Val ;)
> Greetings Kathleen
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> >SignWriting List
> >October 13, 2005
> >
> >Lessons in SignSpelling continued...
> >
> >Ok. Kathleen and others from Flanders...smile...Here are all 10
> >signs  in one very long diagram (see attached)....Do you understand
> >why I  wrote the 10 Flemish signs the way I did? It is based on the
> >SignSpelling rules...
> >
> >The sign for Papa (number 7 below) is very important because it is
> >in  your Goldilocks books, and needs to be changed in those books.
> >The  sign for Mama also has the same kind of movement...In your old
> >writing of those signs, there was a misunderstanding about the
> >Finger  Movement symbols... That double-stacked symbol that you used
> >before,  does not mean a single finger closing twice...I can see how
> >that  misunderstanding could happen, but unfortunately it means
> >something  else...It means all five fingers doing a single Finger
> >Trill...I can  explain in more detail if you wish...I look forward
> >to hearing from  you...Go through every sign to review why the
> >arrows are placed where  they are placed...
> >
> >
> ><< FlemishSigns1.gif >>
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