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October 19, 2005

> On Oct 19, 2005, at 6:03 PM, Nana Dumitra wrote:
> This is Nana writing on behalf of Marian (he does not want to sit  
> here all day just to write three lines, smile!): Yes, please, we  
> would be VERY interested to learn how that works, putting signs  
> from Signpuddle into Signbank. Waiting to hear from you! Greetings  
> from the Philippines, Nana & Marian

Hello Nana, Marian, and Everyone!
As you all know, we have many different kinds of software for  
SignWriting. SignWriter DOS, SignWriter Java, SignWriter Python and  
SignWriter Tiger are four different versions of the same  
program...SignWriter is a typing program with a dictionary, and is  
really a wondeful way to type and learn and publish with  
SignWriting...I love SignWriter and hope someday that Tiger will be  
ready so we can type in modern operating systems!

Meanwhile, other people around the world are developing other kinds  
of software too. In my case, I chose to develop a program called  
SignBank, which is not a typing program, but is a dictionary-database  
built in the FileMaker database program. And SignPuddle is also  
another kind of database, but it is on the web and is quite immediate  
and fun to use!

Someday, when SignWriter Tiger is developed, the SignWriter DOS files  
will be able to be opened and used again, but in Windows XP! Yeah!!!  
So, Nana and Marian, please do not throw out your old SignWriter DOS  
files, since they will be usable again someday!!

But right now I will be happy to teach you how to paste signs from  
SignPuddle into SignBank ;-))

See next message....

Val ;-)
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