PHILIPPINES SignBank Questions

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sat Oct 22 05:16:22 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
October 21, 2005

Nana Dumitra wrote:
> Dear Val and List,
> Yes, the explanation was very helpful. Thank you! Now we know how  
> to put
> signs from SignPuddle into SignBank. But of course we also have some
> more questions for you, Val! Smile!!

That is fine!!

> Is there a way to create signs directly in SignBank? We have only one
> phone-line and no DSL so Marian and I cannot both work on-line at the
> same time. So if Marian could create some signs directly in  
> SignBank he
> could use them for the SignWriting Book that he is adapting from the
> Parkhursts without having to stop me with my work.

There are ways to solve the problem you mention above. I will ask  
Steve if we can use the Export Command in SignPuddle, which will  
export a copy of all the signs you have already entered into  
SignPuddle. Those exported signs will be placed in a file folder on  
your computer desktop, in .png format.  Then Marian can work in  
SignBank offline, using the Place Command in SignBank to bring in the  
signs that are in that folder. So you can work offline that way,  
using SignBank. That is one of the good features about  
doesn't require the internet.

> The next question would be: if we can create signs directly in  
> SignBank,
> can we also move them to SignPuddle and would it be possible to do a
> "Search by Symbol" on them?

You can do the Search by Symbol directly in SignBank...that feature  
already exists in both SignPuddle and once the signs  
are in SignBank, you have 14 different sophisticated searches  
available to you...and one of them is Search by Symbol...

SignBank also has Search by SignSpelling...that means searching by  
the combinations of symbols within one sign...and search by Symbol  
Group and so forth...

You can even create multi-lingual dictionaries, with cross  
referencing between multiple signed and spoken languages, and add  
illustrations and video clips...and add sentences with definitions in  
sign language

> Third and last question for today: right now we have the  
> SignBankUS, we
> would like to keep it, but also start a separate File(?) where we put
> all our FSL signs. How do we do that?

Well, that brings up my question to you. I cannot remember how you  
got your copy of SignBank? Did you download it off the web, or did I  
send you a SignBank CD? It has been a long time, but I vaguely  
remember that you did not have a fast enough internet connection to  
download? And I then sent you the CD because Chip was so kind as to  
donate to us, your SignWriting membership fee and I then got the  
funds from that to mail the CD to you in the that right?

If so, then that means you must have an older version of SignBank? I  
wonder if I shouldn't mail you another CD with the current SignBank  
that has the new IMWA symbols? That would be best for you because  
then you will coordinate with the same symbols that are currently in  

Write to me privately with your street address and I will send you a  
new copy of SignBank, unless you think you can download it?...

If I send you the CD, I could create a second SignBank that is empty  
for your new work in the Philippines...  Val ;-)

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