PHILIPPINES SignBank Questions

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Dear Val and List,
Yes, the explanation was very helpful. Thank you! Now we know how to put
signs from SignPuddle into SignBank. But of course we also have some
more questions for you, Val! Smile!!

Is there a way to create signs directly in SignBank? We have only one
phone-line and no DSL so Marian and I cannot both work on-line at the
same time. So if Marian could create some signs directly in SignBank he
could use them for the SignWriting Book that he is adapting from the
Parkhursts without having to stop me with my work.

The next question would be: if we can create signs directly in SignBank,
can we also move them to SignPuddle and would it be possible to do a
"Search by Symbol" on them?

Third and last question for today: right now we have the SignBankUS, we
would like to keep it, but also start a separate File(?) where we put
all our FSL signs. How do we do that?

Thanks for all your help,
Nana & Marian

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SignWriting List
October 19, 2005

5. You can also right click on the sign in SignPuddle, to choose Copy  
Sign in the pull-down menu. Then click on the SignBox in SignBank and  
PASTE. The sign is now in SignBank...Then you can add the signs gloss  
and SignSpelling information into SignBank as always.

Why copy signs from SignPuddle to SignBank? because SignBank has some  
features that SignPuddle, at this time, does not. SignBank has 14  
sophisiticated linguistic searches on data, and can be printed in 20  
different dictionary formats. SignBank is a publishing tool for  
creating multi-lingual dictionaries sorted by Sign-Symbol-Sequence,  
with illustrations and video. Plus it provides SignSpelling  
documentation and a place for children to view the data...

Does this help, Nana and Marian?

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