Sign writing advice PLEASE!

Saduf Naqvi S.Naqvi at GOLD.AC.UK
Sun Oct 23 23:24:47 UTC 2005

Hi Val,

thanks for your advice, I will have some video recordings by tomorrow night and
I will send them out onto the SWL.  

Strange as it is, sometimes you plan something for months but it still gets
hectic last minute!?!  :-| anyhow I will have a go at this, and discuss my
adventures with all sounds like it should be ok.

thank you and Ill write tomorrow with more info.

take care


Quoting Valerie Sutton <sutton at>:

> SignWriting List
> October 23, 2005
> Saduf Naqvi in the UK wrote:
> > Also with regards to what I need to change over to notation, these  
> > sentences are
> > below, I would really appreciate some advice on this (as you can  
> > tell they are
> > BSL english):
> >
> > 1. train go london ten minutes late
> > 2. presentation will start half hour late room where number twenty
> > 3. train go london number two
> > 4. technology Dept where third floor
> >
> > take care
> > A stressed out Saduf
> -----------------
> Hello Saduf and everyone!
> Thanks for your message, Saduf. I see above that you feel  
> stressed...that is a shame...but I guess that is a large project you  
> have undertaken...
> There are two ways to write the BSL sentences above in SignWriting...
> 1. Find a Deaf person and ask them to sign those sentences for you on  
> video and then you trascribe the sentences into SignWriting...
> 2. Or ask someone who knows BSL in the UK to write the sentences for  
> you in SignWriting...
> The problem is that I personally do not know BSL, and our List  
> members are from 40 countries so not all of them know BSL either...if  
> you have a video of some of the sentences, we can try to write the  
> signs for you one at a mpeg format...on the List, we can  
> only accept one question about writing one sign at a time on the  
> SignWriting list because large attachments are not possible...
> Regarding teaching Deaf people who do not know SignWriting yet, it is  
> like your reaction...some will get the general idea behind it  
> quickly, but lessons are nice too...Learning to read any language,  
> including English, takes time...
> Here are some lessons online:
> or....
> download these three documents on this web page and print them out,  
> and then offer the documents to your readers...that will help:
> Val ;-)

Miss Saduf Naqvi,
S.Naqvi at
Research Student,
Goldsmiths College - University of London,
New Cross,
SE14 6NW,

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