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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Oct 23 23:16:30 UTC 2005

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October 23, 2005

Saduf Naqvi in the UK wrote:
> Also with regards to what I need to change over to notation, these  
> sentences are
> below, I would really appreciate some advice on this (as you can  
> tell they are
> BSL english):
> 1. train go london ten minutes late
> 2. presentation will start half hour late room where number twenty
> 3. train go london number two
> 4. technology Dept where third floor
> take care
> A stressed out Saduf


Hello Saduf and everyone!
Thanks for your message, Saduf. I see above that you feel  
stressed...that is a shame...but I guess that is a large project you  
have undertaken...

There are two ways to write the BSL sentences above in SignWriting...

1. Find a Deaf person and ask them to sign those sentences for you on  
video and then you trascribe the sentences into SignWriting...

2. Or ask someone who knows BSL in the UK to write the sentences for  
you in SignWriting...

The problem is that I personally do not know BSL, and our List  
members are from 40 countries so not all of them know BSL either...if  
you have a video of some of the sentences, we can try to write the  
signs for you one at a mpeg format...on the List, we can  
only accept one question about writing one sign at a time on the  
SignWriting list because large attachments are not possible...

Regarding teaching Deaf people who do not know SignWriting yet, it is  
like your reaction...some will get the general idea behind it  
quickly, but lessons are nice too...Learning to read any language,  
including English, takes time...

Here are some lessons online:



download these three documents on this web page and print them out,  
and then offer the documents to your readers...that will help:

Val ;-)

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