Sign writing advice PLEASE!

Saduf Naqvi S.Naqvi at GOLD.AC.UK
Sun Oct 23 22:46:08 UTC 2005

Dear All,

I am running some experiments on different digital representations of sign
language and am comparing how effective they are at delivering information to
the Deaf community in the native language of the Deaf.

I am comparing video recordings, animation sequences and also notation sequences.  

Obviously I am using signwriting for the notation sequence. However I am having
trouble writing the sequences.  I used sign puddle and got quite confused with
the notations that came back.  Which also raised another very important issue,
if I am testing this with a participant who doesn't use sign writing (which is
quite likely) then how can I explain what is being done, clearly and briefly.  

I cannot exactly explain it, but after I look at a few notations I start getting
the gist of how it works, but Im wondering how I can explain this to someone who
has never set eyes on this before.  How can I formally and briefly (as I have
strict time constraints) explain how the notation works to a person who has
never used sign writing before?

Has anyone else dealt with this problem and can share some pearls of wisdom with me

Also with regards to what I need to change over to notation, these sentences are
below, I would really appreciate some advice on this (as you can tell they are
BSL english):

1. train go london ten minutes late

2. presentation will start half hour late room where number twenty

3. train go london number two

4. technology Dept where third floor 

take care

A stressed out Saduf

Miss Saduf Naqvi,
S.Naqvi at
Research Student,
Goldsmiths College - University of London,
New Cross,
SE14 6NW,

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