Fingerspelling in vertical columns

Anne-Claude Pr=?ISO-8859-1?B?6Q==?=laz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Fri Aug 4 22:46:17 UTC 2006

my first thought is.... SignWriting is supposed to write down the movments
we see... and usually I fingerspell from left to right when ther is movment
(double letters, ...)... so that would be an argument to keep it written
horizontally. I know lots of words are fingerspelled in the US... here in
Switzerland... we only fingerspell when there's no Sign for a specific word,
or when we talk about a person or a place and give it's name(fingerspelling)
before giving it's sign's name......  as words are written horizontally I
would keep it horizontally with Sw too


I like it vertically very much too and find it really easy to read too!

so... maybe it would be good to have both possibillies... and make it
possible to chose the one we need!

sorry... that won't really help you make a choice I guess?!?!?

have a nice week-end everyone


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> SignWriting List
> August 3, 2006
> I have been experimenting with writing
> fingerspelling down in vertical
> can be written both ways,
> but sometimes writing fingerspelling
> left to right makes the vertical columns
> so wide. So writing fingerspelling in
> vertical columns helps keep the columns
> narrower, plus it seems to be easier to
> read for me... when the rest of the
> writing is vertical anyway...
> What do you think? need your
> feedback...(see attached)

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