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Mon Aug 7 15:09:38 UTC 2006

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August 7, 2006

Look at this web page:


It shows DanceWriting for group dance. Many dancers are dancing on  
stage, and they touch each other. Each dancer is written on a  
separate 5-lined staff. We gave each dancer a number. Look at the  
bottom. See the Box with the little triangles? Those show you the  
dancers on stage, and each dancer has a number...

Look back up in the writing of each dancer's movements...they are  
reaching out towards each other...you can see little numbers next to  
touch-contact stars...near their hands...that shows which dancer they  
are contacting...

1 is contacting 5, and 5 is contacting 1, but 3 is contacting 5

So you can see that we did not use the Prop Symbol, but instead used  
numbers and contact stars and we felt that was enough...but this  
means you would still have to give each person a number, and  
somewhere explain who they are...

I know you are not a DanceWriting person and I don't mean to throw  
you into the Dance world...but I have been thinking of trying some of  
these writing techniques for multi-party conversations in SignWriting  
too, but have not had the chance to experiment with it yet...

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