writing multi-party conversation

eghoffma at UMICH.EDU eghoffma at UMICH.EDU
Mon Aug 7 15:19:53 UTC 2006

Thanks! I think the prop symbol with the contact sign and a number will 
work beautifully. I was going to have to explain in associated text 
what/who exactly were being touched and numbering the objects/people in 
this way will help make it clear.

Quoting Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org>:

> SignWriting List
> August 7, 2006
> Look at this web page:
> http://www.dancewriting.org/about/what/dw0007.html
> It shows DanceWriting for group dance. Many dancers are dancing on  
> stage, and they touch each other. Each dancer is written on a  
> separate 5-lined staff. We gave each dancer a number. Look at the  
> bottom. See the Box with the little triangles? Those show you the  
> dancers on stage, and each dancer has a number...
> Look back up in the writing of each dancer's movements...they are  
> reaching out towards each other...you can see little numbers next to  
> touch-contact stars...near their hands...that shows which dancer they 
>  are contacting...
> 1 is contacting 5, and 5 is contacting 1, but 3 is contacting 5
> So you can see that we did not use the Prop Symbol, but instead used  
> numbers and contact stars and we felt that was enough...but this  
> means you would still have to give each person a number, and  
> somewhere explain who they are...
> I know you are not a DanceWriting person and I don't mean to throw  
> you into the Dance world...but I have been thinking of trying some of 
>  these writing techniques for multi-party conversations in 
> SignWriting  too, but have not had the chance to experiment with it 
> yet...

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