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August 8, 2006

Hi Cherie -
I agree with Charles, this is very nicely written and quite accurate.

Good luck with showing how SW will integrate with current teaching  
methods...The Fairview method is a reading program that uses ASL to  
teach Deaf kids, is that right?

Val ;-)


Cherie from Georgia wrote:
> I am trying to spell this sign...  Its in a reading program for  
> Deaf kids called Fairview, if any of you are familiar with it...   
> They use it as a sign for "give out," meaning exhausted, too tired  
> to do anything.  They have it glossed as "fall flat,"  and describe  
> it as "legs on open palm, back"  Here is my rough attempt to write  
> what I think they mean:
>       Is it spelled reasonably correctly?  The V hand falls with a  
> loop-di-loop, then smacks onto the open palm, then pulls back along  
> the hand.
>  We are trying to show how SW can be integrated with current  
> teaching materials to make everyone's life easier.
> Another gloss they have for "Give out" is 'fall flat 2'-- "flat  
> hand on open palm, back"  and one glossed as exhausted-- "hooked 8s  
> to open 5s"   I know what "closed fists to open 5s" is (another one  
> on the same card), but I can't figure out the hooked 8s...  Do any  
> of you know which signs these phrases might be referring to?
> Thanks for all your help!

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