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Yes Fairview specifically teaches multiple meanings, and something called 
"bridging" where a phrase like "give out" is taught as a unit of meaning, 
so the kids translate that into 'distribute' or 'exhausted,' not "give-you 
outside".  It also teaches that there may be different signs for the same 
meaning-- like "closed fists to open 5s", and hooked 8s to open 5s"... 
(those mean the same thing.)  Another part of the program actually works 
with their ASL competency!  They sign a story and the ASL model signs it 
back in better ASL.  This is our first year with it.  Now if they would 
just add SignWriting to it, it would be a phenomenal program!  Maybe you 
should write to them Val, and convince them of that!  ::grin::

Cherie Wren
GSD Staff Interpreter
232 Perry Farm Rd
Cave Spring, GA 30124
706-766-0766 Cell

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Re: [sw-l] spelling help

SignWriting List
August 8, 2006

Hi Cherie -
I agree with Charles, this is very nicely written and quite accurate.

Good luck with showing how SW will integrate with current teaching 
methods...The Fairview method is a reading program that uses ASL to teach 
Deaf kids, is that right?  

Val ;-)


Cherie from Georgia wrote:
I am trying to spell this sign...  Its in a reading program for Deaf kids 
called Fairview, if any of you are familiar with it...  They use it as a 
sign for "give out," meaning exhausted, too tired to do anything.  They 
have it glossed as "fall flat,"  and describe it as "legs on open palm, 
back"  Here is my rough attempt to write what I think they mean: 

      Is it spelled reasonably correctly?  The V hand falls with a 
loop-di-loop, then smacks onto the open palm, then pulls back along the 

 We are trying to show how SW can be integrated with current teaching 
materials to make everyone's life easier.   

Another gloss they have for "Give out" is 'fall flat 2'-- "flat hand on 
open palm, back"  and one glossed as exhausted-- "hooked 8s to open 5s"   
I know what "closed fists to open 5s" is (another one on the same card), 
but I can't figure out the hooked 8s...  Do any of you know which signs 
these phrases might be referring to? 

Thanks for all your help! 

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