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August 10, 2006

Hello Cherie and Everyone!
Just want to say THANK YOU for your documents, Cherie, such as Cat in  
the Hat, posted to the List using SignText-SignMail is  
exciting to see you use SignText so well, plus to have more  
literature being produced in SignWriting!

I am working right now, behind the scenes, on:

1. Ethiopian Handshapes (grin...yes...still working on adding to the  

2. Norwegian Craftsmen document that records the body-movements of  
wood-carving and how there is a rhythm and technique to the  
movements...first draft due draft due August 21st...

3. Preparing SignBank8 for posting in September

4. Writing grants to help us all!

5. Hope to ship materials to schools but I am behind with the  
printing of the materials.

6. Creating an improved SignWriting Shop online, so people can  
purchase Stefan's book, new literature, and new SignPuddle  
software...and also Kim's new Anthology, the notepads in ASL designed  
by Pass-it-On-Services in Iowa, and any other new publications in  
SignWriting that people will want to sell. The new SignWriting Shop  
will require that the creators of the publications, will need to have  
a PayPal account, so I can transfer the money from sales directly to  
them, through PayPal Online...

PayPal for USA

PayPal International (many countries supported!) 

So I will be working behind the scenes throughout August...September  
and October will be amazing months!!

I hope all of you will continue to post literature, by preparing the  
documents with SignText, bookmarking them in the Options area, and  
then sending them to the List as email using SignText email  
program...then when I return to the List I can work with those  
documents to prepare the literature in SignBank Document Maker...or  
perhaps by that time you can do that yourself! So the future is  

Have a wonderful August everyone!

Val ;-)

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