Fwd: Handwritten SW: my trip to Gallaudet

Kimberley Shaw skifoot at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 10 21:24:51 UTC 2006

Hello everyone:
here is an example of how I use handwritten SignWriting (attached to this
e-mail, with apologies to you who read it in "digest" format!) -- this is
something I wrote on a moving train, no less! You will notice little
liberties I've taken; no, the handshapes do not exactly follow their
correctly-printed versions as they appear in books, in Puddle, etc, but I
hope they can be understood all the same!
While studying ASL at Gallaudet University for those 2 weeks just past, I
kept myself in voice-off immersion mode by also keeping my journal in ASL,
with use of SignWriting, of course.
It is written with a Japanese brush pen -- which remains my very favorite
way to handwrite SW, as it is very easy to do thick lines, thin lines, and
thin lines graduating to thick ones, etc ...
So, is it legible?
Are there other handwriters of SW out there?
Kim from Boston
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