Fwd: Handwritten SW: my trip to Gallaudet

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Fri Aug 11 05:32:34 UTC 2006

I certainly understood it!  I've tried handwriting SW and I like doing it, 
but I don't have a scanner attached to this computer so I use SignText for 
all my computer work.  When I do SignWriting, I usually handwrite first and 
then put it into SignText, just so I know what I'm doing!
Kelly Jo

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>Hello everyone:
>here is an example of how I use handwritten SignWriting (attached to this
>e-mail, with apologies to you who read it in "digest" format!) -- this is
>something I wrote on a moving train, no less! You will notice little
>liberties I've taken; no, the handshapes do not exactly follow their
>correctly-printed versions as they appear in books, in Puddle, etc, but I
>hope they can be understood all the same!
>While studying ASL at Gallaudet University for those 2 weeks just past, I
>kept myself in voice-off immersion mode by also keeping my journal in ASL,
>with use of SignWriting, of course.
>It is written with a Japanese brush pen -- which remains my very favorite
>way to handwrite SW, as it is very easy to do thick lines, thin lines, and
>thin lines graduating to thick ones, etc ...
>So, is it legible?
>Are there other handwriters of SW out there?
>Kim from Boston

><< HandwrittenSignWriting.pdf >>

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