Square Fist Symbol in SignMaker

CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US
Tue Dec 12 20:02:10 UTC 2006

I personally like the drag and drop.  I tried to learn SW back when it was 
SW DOS, and gave up, as I couldn't learn the keyboard and find the 
symbols.  I also like to be able to place the symbols in relation to each 
other in drag and drop... I don't think you could do that with a keyboard 
system--   Granted it isn't really quick enough to be viable as a writing 
system for me, yet, but Val can do it quickly-- as her demo showed. 

 I just did my first real try at handwriting, and am quite pleased with 
the results.  Its excellent for planning out what I will be doing in a 
'performance'.  (I will be signing/interpreting the Twelve Days of 
Christmas for a program tomorrow, and wanted to be able to have a cheat 
sheet on hand to practice with...)

Cherie Wren
GSD Staff Interpreter
232 Perry Farm Rd
Cave Spring, GA 30124
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Re: [sw-l] Square Fist Symbol in SignMaker

Yes, please, I second that!
There's a lot to like about drag and drop ... but as a touch-typist 
myself, drag-and-drop does not feel like "writing" when I want to put 
something directly from my head into a document.
Hope your time in Brazil is going excellently, Charles!
Sounds like great things going on there.
-- Kim from Boston

On 12/12/06, Charles Butler <chazzer3332000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
I really am looking forward to the day that we are back to a typing rather 
than a drag and drop system for Sign Writing.  Drag and drop takes 
forever, and typing with specific sequences helps one to memorize the 
system much better.  I know that the DOS system and Windows 98 are no 
longer supported but they really could do a lot of things well, even 
though they didn´t save into SignBank or IMWA. 
Just my opinion (I have been a speed typist since I was 14) as I would 
like to be able to duplicate that speed in sign writing, which would show 
a distinct advantage in showing the applicability of an equivalent system 
for reproduction as typing is to spoken language.
Charles Butler

Valerie Sutton < Sutton at SignWriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
December 12, 2006

On Dec 12, 2006, a question from a SignPuddle user:
> I tried to find just plain Square symbol but i cannot find it ... 
> all square symbols have lines attached it ... i just want a plain 
> square because it is fist hand...

Thank you for your question. You looked in the correct place. The 
very LAST symbol, has no thumb lines attached. It is a plain 
square...See attached diagram...

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