Welcome Janice from Brazil and all new members!

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Dec 13 16:28:03 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
December 13, 2006

Janice Temoteo from Crato, Brazil wrote:
> Hello You all! I'm "new" in learning SignWriting and I'd like to  
> know if theres a book explaining everything to me in a easier way,  
> cause looking to the site I don't where to begin.
> Thanks Janice

Hello Janice!
WELCOME to the SignWriting List!

And welcome to all new members!

We have some new members from Brazil, Romania, the US and several  
other countries...

I can imagine you do not know how to begin, so first, introduce  
yourselves on the SW List!

Every new member is most welcome...

Janice, I know you are a teacher of Deaf students in Crato, Brazil,  
and you want to teach them SignWriting. How do you begin?

Learn SignWriting on the SW List by asking questions. We will teach  
you step by step. I will post a message to the List explaining how to  
begin...(thank you Cherie for the excellent information already)

Want donated DVDs and books in ASL on SignWriting? for your school?  
The donated books and DVDs in ASL will give your students and  
teachers a place to start. Then you can translate the materials into  
your Sign Language.

To receive the donated materials, I need two things: a letter  
requesting the materials from your school, and the teacher who will  
be using the materials (you) needs to fill out a form telling us why  
you want to use SignWriting.

I will post a message to the List with the forms soon...

And Janice...please tell us about your work in Crato - 58 Deaf  
students...is that right? That is really great....

Val ;-)

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